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My name is Alex Soffer, and I am an artist from Brooklyn, New York.  Art has always been in my life, but I really picked up the paintbrush after my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. He was only 63-years-old at the time of his diagnosis. Throughout the course of his illness, I experienced every available emotion; but mostly, I was angry, and I didn't have an outlet, so I bought a few canvases, brushed off my easel and began to paint.  It started as an additional form of therapy; a place where I could disappear and channel all my feelings.  As my father's illness progressed, I began IVF to conceive our second child. To say IVF is tough would be an understatement.  Again, I turned to paint to get through the difficult but rewarding process  The canvas became the ultimate therapist, and I found both my ability and enthusiasm growing. 

Life inspires me; I am inspired by texture, movement, fluidity - they all help me tell my story, so they're all woven in to my work. 


When I'm not painting, I'm an elementary school teacher, a mother to two beautiful, energetic children and a wife to the most wonderful husband who always encourages my passion.  


Life is a journey, and I am so glad that art is a part of mine.


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